Major Works

Dr. Mahabhashyam Chittaranjan is the doyen of light music for the past70 years (since 1947). He worked as music director and singer in All India Radio for 27 years. As a musician his major works are as follows.

  • He has been a veteran singer and a teacher of light music songs through AIR in 16 Indian languages broadcast under the title “KALASI PADUDAM” in coordination with NCERT, New Delhi.
  • He was the first person to compose music for all the 701 shlokas of BHAGAVADGITA and 28 shlokas of GITA MAHATYAM using 174 ragas of both Carnatic and Hindustani music systems. This project was done in 1984. This was first of its kind as no one had recorded entire GITA previously.
  • He is endowed with rich, immaculate swaragnyana and has profound knowledge of Hindustani and western music systems apart from Carnatic music. With such knowledge, he experimented and created new trends in composing tunes to the lyrics and blending of instruments in orchestration.
  • He made use of very rare raagas like Natakapriya, Kokilapriya, Rupavati, Mararanjani, Sarasangi, Naasikabhushani, Navanitham,Rasikapriya, Bindumalini,Suryakantham, Karnaranjani,etc of Carnatic music, as well as rare ragas of Hindustani music such as Kedar, Basant mukhari, Malgunj for composing tunes to lyrics.
  • He taught telugu lalitha geetalu in AIR from 1972, in the programme entitled “EE PAATA NERCHUKUNDAM”, continuously for 25 years. This programme was a huge hit. many people learnt songs from this programme and secured jobs as music teachers in various schools too.
  • He composed music for about 400 christian devotional songs and musical features for “AMRUTHAVAANI”, a popular Christian catholic institution from 1975 to 1978. This includes “YESUKRISTU SUPRABHATAM” both in Sanskrit and telugu. These songs were broadcast from RADIO MANILA.
    After a continuous , sustained research for about 40 years in the field of light music he conceived ,devised and prepared a syllabus a two-year diploma course in lalitha sangeetham. This syllabus was submitted to P.S.Telugu University in 2000 A.D and the same was approved by the then Vice Chancellor,Dr.N.Gopi.
  • He wrote theory book “LALITHA SANGEETHA SOURABHAM” for the Diploma course (lalitha sangeetham) which was published by P.S>Telugu University.
  • He presented a program called” CHITTARANJANAM” which is demonstrative lecture with an in depth analysis of compositions made by Indian film music directors like S.RAJESWARA RAO, C.R.SUBBARAMAN,K.V.MAHADEVAN,M.S.VISHWANATHAN,ILAYARAJA etc. . This programme was broadcast by WORLD SPACE RADIO`S TELUGU CHANNEL SPANDANA across the world.
  • He had written a series of articles for a popular telugu fortnightly magazine called ‘HAASAM’. These articles on lalitha sangeetham were published as a book with the title ‘LALITHA SANGEETHAM – 80 SANGEETHA SARASWATHA MALAYA MARUTHALU’.
  • He composed many ANNAMACHARYA KEERTHANAS for TTD which are yet to be released.