with his parents brothers and sisters

Sri Chittaranjan with his
Parents, Brothers and Sisters

with padmini devi, his wife

Sri Chittaranjan with his
Wife Padmini Devi

Chittaranjan is the eldest son of Smt PerinDevi and Sri Rangachary. He has two sisters Late Smt.  Sowbhagyam and Smt.Shantachary  and three brothers Sri Madan Mohan , Late Sri Sampath Kumar, and Dr.Vijayakumar.All of them are singers. Smt. Shantachary has been popular as a singer over AIR.


Eldest Daughter
Vijayalakshmi Desikan

Vijayalakshmi Desikan, eldest daughter of Sri Chittaranjan is a national award winner in light music from AIR. She is a B.high grade artist with rich experience in singing classical, light,  devotional songs. She is popular with AAMANI,  RAGAMAYI programs on Vanitha channel. She has ability to render complicated, intricate compositions with lucidity and soulful expression. She also writes articles on music in both English and Telugu.

Vandana Devi is the second daughter, who not only inherited singing talent from her father but also poetic talent from her mother, Dr. Padmini Devi. She has won many awards and prizes both in music and poetry.She is a double post graduate in Science and Telugu . Published many poems and has a flair for teaching also. She participated in many prestigious programmes like PADUTA TEEYAGA and NADANEERAJANAM She is presently serving Kendriya Vidyalaya.

vandana devi

Younger Daughter
Vandana Devi

amrutha valli

Youngest Daughter
Amrutha Valli

Amrutha Valli is the youngest daughter of Sri Chittaranjan. She is well trained in Carnatic vocal music. Right from her childhood, she showed keen interest in gaining knowledge and equipped herself with raga and swaragnyana. She has won many prizes in classical music and light music in the competitions held by SICA, Kalasagaram etc. Apart from singing she also assisted her father in composing music and conducting orchestra for many stage shows as well as recordings.

Dr. Padmini Devi, is the better half of Sri chittaranjan. She has done her Ph.D in telugu and holds Bhasha Praveena in both Sanskirt and telugu.She is a famous lyricist, many of her songs were composed by many composers like sri p.viswanatham, Sri. Nirmal kumar, Ramacha etc,apart from Sri chittaranjan. She won national award for her work “kaala chakra gamanamlo kapotha kalakujithalu”. She is wonderful orator too.She has translated great works like Thiruppavai and Mukunda mala into telugu. She published many books.

grand  children

Grand Children

with sri PB srinivas garu and smt Jamuna garu @ book release functin

Dr. M. Chittaranjan and Dr. M .Padminii devi are proud parents of three daughters.